Friday, March 23, 2012

YIKES!!! Time to finish a few!

Well, I  spent this week cutting and sewing and sewing and cutting some more! I think it is time I start getting some finishes. I get them to the point of having the tops done, some with backing and batting attached ready to quilt, then I hang them on an over the door hook in my bedroom where I hoped it would motivate me to start quilting them ( or for my husband to buy me a new machine that will actually quilt :) :)  )  Sometimes there is a method for my madness!
Hanging on the door right now is:
bear claw quilt for my son waiting for backing and finishing
fan quit for daughter waiting for backing and finishing
Sea of dreams quilt for my grandson Nathan waiting for borders and backing and finishing.
Going Places Playmat for my grandsons Nathan and Noah waiting for backing to be finished and finishing
2 Christmas Wallhangings finish quilting
3 Baby Quilts for for quilting.
What I cut and have been sewing on is :
Roman Stripes flannel quilt for my husband all cut out ready to sew
4 Patch twin quilt for
Quilt pattern I dont know name of for   twin size full of bright cheery colors :)

As you can see I really need to get busy . I get so many ideas from all the blogs I read that my head starts spinning!   Hopefully next week I can post a picture of a finish.. or maybe a picture of my wips to embarrass me enough to make me finish :)  Maybe I will hold out  a bit and see if hubby buys me a new working on that ;)

Hope life is treating you good and you all have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Nice Giveaway!

I love Jacquelynne Steves fabrics so when I saw this giveaway, I thought I would share it with you.

 I was planning on posting my current projects and was trying to figure out how to get the link of one of her fabric lines to show it on here and was not at all sure how to do it. ( Bare with me, I will learn!!  LOL  )

I am working on the Joy, Love,Peace, Noel wall hanging. As soon as I saw the fabric I knew I had to make it for my grandsons.The colors are so vivid and rich and it has a very nice soft feel. The characters are whimsical and so adorable that they just makes you smile to look at them.

 My plan was to get it done by this past Christmas but needless to say, the timeline has changed a tad. I decided to outline quilt the  design in a very fine gold metallic thread. After tying several metallic threads I finally found one that wouldn't fray and break after a few minutes of quilting. I am using the Gutermann Metallic Effect Thread and I love it. It sews so nice and smooth.  I wish the shop I went to carried all the different prints because I certainly would have loved to add them on but I am happy I got a pretty backing and the panel. I will post pictures of it here as soon as I can.

I have several other quilts in progress for my family members but I have been taking time out to make some baby quilts to donate to the Project Linus Quilts. I really love making the baby stuff. It might be something you all might looking into.

Well anyway I will save all of that for the next post :) have a wonderful evening and check out this contest!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Little at a Time

Hi! This is my first post on my first blog , so first of all  let me welcome you. I have to say this is very strange writing this not knowing who I am writing to or if anyone will read this.  But life is a journey so here we go :)

I named this Little Bits because it is a little of this and a little of that but mostly quilting.  Due to medical issues I do everything a little bit at a time. I have learned to be immensely thankful for all the little bits and hopefully I can share this journey with you. So if you stop by introduce yourself and lets get started :)