Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm back =)

The red, the white and the blue.....done!

Hi ! I didn't mean to stay away so long but life happens as we all know. My grandsons came to visit last week and I had promised to make them both quilts. They both picked out just what they wanted and several months ago I got started. For some reason the deadline was getting close to them coming and they were no where near ready. Noah ( the oldest one ) wanted a red , white and blue quilt and even picked the pattern. For some reason this quilt would not cooperate with me at all!! I ripped it out and ripped it out till I had to stop before there was no fabric left :)  As you can see the stars didn't turn out to be stars.

I used a Superior Rainbow thread in red, white and blue to do the quilting. This is my first actual free motion quilt where it is done start to finish with nothing other than the free motion. (May I add ... the next time I try to stuff a full size quilt through my sewing machine to quilt it when I don't know what I am doing ... hit me in the head, PLEASE!!! )
the back has the Pledge of Allegiance 
with blue borders

of course I filled it with lots of hiding hearts and his name!
There are a lot of jigs and jags in my quilting as you can see. At first I ripped them out every time and finally I gave in and acknowledged there is a learning curve and it will take time to make it all nice. In the end he was thrilled with it. He had it with him everywhere in the house and slept with it, hugged it, and told me how much he loved it a dozen or so times :) He never even noticed the jigs! That made it all worth it!
In the next day or two I will post about the little ones quilt :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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  1. Somehow I missed this one. I absolutely love it!