Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Panels !!

I meant to post this right after the last post but I have had several down days and am now finally getting to it, Sheesh, I hate feeling like I am running so behind!

I really like panels. I know alot of people consider them cheating but I think they can really add alot to your quilts. It gives you alot more options as far as showing scenes. I have a few projects coming up to share with you done with panels.

This quilt was made from the Sea of Dreams collection by South Sea Imports. My youngest grandson picked it out for his quilt when the fabric first came out.  When they came to visit a few weeks ago, his little face just lit up and he was MINE! That one is mine! I was surprised he remembered it but he did. He carried it all over and insisted to sleep with it. I hope when he goes home he remembers that is is full of love and hugs every time he uses it.
The back 
The quilting  free motion is getting a bit easier )
Nathan with his quilt :)
So, what do you all think of panels? Do you use them? I did add several borders too it but he was just in love with all the animals in the ark

Many blessings and have a wonderful week!!


  1. Way to go! Keep working on that free motion, it just gets easier from here.

  2. I have only made one christmas panel.

  3. He is absolutely adorable and so is the quilt. I love to use panels, including book panels, for children's quilts.

  4. Nathan looks so sweet with that quilt. If you like panels - do check out Riley Blake's fabrics - sometimes they have the cutest panels!