Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Time is Flying by!!

Wow, I cant believe how fast time is flying by and it is almost Christmas!! It has just seriously snuck up on me this year. 

This quilt is the Yellow Brick Road pattern and I used Terrain by Kate Spain. I made it as a gift for the wonderful manager at Starbucks who always makes sure I have my frappachinos , Even during all my hospital stays, I always had one. I do not think she even realizes how much her kindness meant to me.  I hope this , in some small way, showed her that her kindness mattered and was appreciated more than she knew. 

The funny thing about this pattern is that as long as I worked on it and looked at it, I could never make sense of the pattern.  It had no rhyme or reason to me!  LOL I had to follow the layout exactly.

I did an all over stipple design for the quilting because it seemed so busy to me as it was.

This is my kitty Connah, He is a long haired Scottish Fold and a huge ham!! He posed in every position he could think of on the quilt. He just didn't want to get off it!

I think I am going to need to make him one of his own :)

So, how are you all doing getting ready for Christmas? Are you ready? Do you think you will have all your projects done in time?

Have a great and blessed day! I will be back in a few days to post my Christmas wallhangings ( in the works since last year :)  )


  1. I am making small presents now...time is going by so fast... Why was it so slow when I was under 12 years old????

  2. Kate!

    You've created a real beauty ... and Connah clearly thinks so too! This post and what you have done ... really capture the best spirit of this holiday season. Peace and joy to you and your family and friends. Shine on!

  3. Love your quilt. Really beautiful! Hope your new year has started out good and that you are feeling well! Thanks for all the comments you made on my blog last year!

    Have a great day!